5 Ways You’re Doing Social Media Totally WRONG!

5 Ways You’re Doing Social Media Totally WRONG!


With 8 years of social media marketing under my belt, I've picked up on great and not-so-great ways to grow a following and develop a brand, some of these being from my own trial and error! I decided that compiling all of these mistakes would be beneficial for anyone starting out online or anyone looking to expand their already existing online presence!

1. You’re Buying Followers/Likes

20,000 followers is impressive, unbelievable, and suspicious. Buying followers for a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page seems like the brightest idea in the book, fooling your clients into thinking you’re a bigger deal than you actually are, and may actually work in most cases! Unfortunately, what looks good in theory, has devastating results in practice.

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Let’s look at iDigic, a website allowing a user to buy likes, followers, and even video views on Instagram. Pretend you bought 10,000 followers from iDigic for $64.95, your small account JUST blew up overnight and EVERYONE thinks you’re a big deal! Here’s the bad news, when you take shortcuts you put your brand integrity at risk. If you buy Instagram followers and your real customers find out, can you expect them to really trust you? Finally, Instagram’s algorithm is largely influenced by engagement and not followers, and since these bots don’t engage, you might not show up on your real active followers feed!

2. Your Posts Offer Zero Value

Imagine going through your timeline or feed and coming across a post like this:

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I would scroll right past this and think nothing of it, it doesn’t engage me, involve me, or even tailor to my interests, there is no value here. Constantly posting updates about your business or boring selfies is one sure-fire way to stop your online growth. With 95 million photos & videos uploaded everyday,your content should stand out and grab the attention of your audience.

If you’re a business, mix in your promotional content with some fun content that engages your audience, show off your quirky side, post some team bios, and definitely show the world how unique and fun your business is to work with! You’re looking to stand out on social media, not blend in.

3. Where Are Your Hashtags?

The biggest mistake you can make on social media is not utilizing hashtags. You’ve posted the greatest photo on instagram, wrote the worlds best description, and no one saw it — either you oversold your post, or you didn’t use any hashtags. Properly using hashtags allows you to connect with relevant audiences that you normally wouldn’t reach. I reccomend coming up with a list of 100 hashtags relatable to your industry and adding them to your posts. Use A/B testing to see which ones make the biggest impact and start refining your list from there.

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There is no reason why you shouldn’t be using at least 1 hashtag on each Facebook/Twitter post and 20 hashtags on each Instagram post. Think of it as free advertising.

4. You Don’t Have A Schedule

If the 6 o’clock news aired Friday at 8 o’clock and Monday at 4 o’clock, you might miss a few episodes because of bad scheduling. Your social media uploads are like an old television program, if people like you and know when to watch you, you’ll grow an audience.

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Getting in the habit of scheduling your posts is a great tactic for growth, and with countless apps like Buffer and Hootsuite, it’s easy to accomplish. In a few hours you can have your whole week set up with ease, next thing you know you’ll be kicking back and working on more important projects.

5. You Don’t Have A Strategy

Going into social media without a strategy is like jumping into a boxing match against Mike Tyson with no experience. You can throw punches all you want but the likelihood of getting a knock-out is very low.

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Outlining a plan for social media shouldn't be intimidating, figuring out an end goal and working backwards from there is usually a great place to start. Find out what works with 30-day goals for content and analyze your first quarter to see what you can continue doing and what ideas can be scrapped. If you feel stuck, with hundreds of great social media agencies out there, ask them for help on figuring out your next steps!
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