Marketing That Yield Measured Results!


 Metrics is a results-driven marketing company.




We are marketing agency specializing in lead generation, inbound marketing, conversion optimization, and sales nurturing. Our process is data-driven with a high degree of client interaction. We focus on metrics that measurably boost your business' growth.




The metrics we prioritize:



  •  Reach by Channel

  •  Visits by source

  •  Leads by source

  •  New customers by source


We generate on-going reports on visits to leads performance, leads to customer performance, & visits to customer performance.


We examine your sales pipeline to determine the best game plan for your business through our four downs process:


First Down: Get our footing


At this stage, we focus heavily on optimization looking for quick short-gains and setting up the playbook for your business. Cutting and reducing wasted efforts.


Second Down:


We establish, which channels are working further optimizing, which need to be optimized and which need overhauling.


Third Down:


Conversion rates are now healthier.  We increase focus on sales naturing, lead generation and automation. Our primary goal here is what we call STOPLOSS marketing.  We focus on converting those clients that would otherwise be lost by most businesses through our STOPLOSS marketing approach.


Forth Down:


In football, it usually means some aspect of potential failure - kick, punt.  In our minds, scoring 7 points by pushing through to the end.  Generating better sales opportunities and leads.  Determining how to increase margins on sales through selective customer acquisition.


We provide a moving the chains plan that details out a 90 days marketing plan that has agreed to metrics for moving from stage to stage.




Full-Service Marketing Capabilities
We provide both marketing strategy and execution. With our team of developers, designers, content writers, marketing strategists, and SEM/SEO specialists, we deliver a full-service marketing strategy for your business.


 "I love the recent ads I have seen where a client is taking to their investment advisor asking why their profits are up at a time when the clients aren't.  "It's a long-term game," says the advisor and the client says "it's not a game it's my retirement."


We understand for our clients; their business is their retirement.  Let's grow your retirement package." 


Wayne UnRuh, President & CEO, Metrics Online Marketing



Beginning With a Playbook


At Metrics, we begin every partnership with strategy. Starting with our Playbook, we craft a 90-day marketing strategy designed to drive your business goals. Our marketing solutions are data-driven and strategically designed to attract new leads, convert prospects, and improve lead quality over time.


Our Playbook helps us:



  • Design a marketing strategy.

  • Establish measurable timelines.

  • Develop a content marketing plan.

  • Define key metrics and goals.

  • Define the nurturing processes.