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Business search engine training that is


and designed for Canadian businesses.

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SEO/SEM Intensive

Engaging Learning Style

Learn from peers in class and apply your knowledge of search engine optimization and marketing.

Designed for Entrepreneurs

Learn effective use of search engines in a way that is practical and immediately useable.

Develop YOUR Winning Strategy

Discover what tools, strategies, and platforms will optimize your SEO ranking.




4 Weeks


24 Total Hours

  • SEO/SEM Intensive Program

    Program Overview

    SEO (search engine optimization) courses help you learn the ins and outs of ranking on the first page in Google and other search engines.
    Understanding SEM (Search Engine Marketing) can help drive more traffic and ultimately more revenue for your business. When choosing a course, it’s important to find one that offers timely information as best practices for search change frequently.
    Whether you are going to do it yourself or you will be having someone do it for you, understanding SEO and SEM is critical for your business’s success.
    Throughout this program, participants will obtain the tools to oversee and even do their own SEO and SEM. You’ll learn the secrets that can help you beat your competitors and get you to be Number 1 in your market.

Program Modules

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Launch into the first unit of this course by gaining a strong understanding of the technical field that is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Exploring Organic Search

In this unit, dive deep into organic search, and learn the skills and concepts needed to build an organic presence and improve search ranking.

Paid Advertising

In this unit, you'll learn how advertising on search engines work, and apply the skills needed to create targeted, impactful text ads that resonate with search intent.

Intro to SEM Analytics & Measurement

In the final unit of this course, you'll explore how to use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager: industry-standard tools to support your SEO & SEM efforts.

Funding Opportunities are Available!

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