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Business social media training that is


and designed for Canadian businesses.

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Social Media Intensive

Engaging Learning Style

Learn from peers in class, and then apply your new knowledge by managing your own social media.

Designed for Entrepreneurs

Learn effective use of social media in a way that is practical and immediately useable.

Develop YOUR Winning Strategy

Discover what tools, strategies, and platforms will address your specific social media needs.




4 Weeks


24 Total hours

  • Social Media Intensive

    Program Overview

    Social media proves to be a powerful tool when it comes to growing your small business. Besides brand awareness, social media can help you meet several business goals including increasing sales, expanding market reach, launching new products, as well as improving customer experience and retention.
    The problem is that social media can be difficult to understand and manage. With multiple platforms that all have changing trends and algorithms, how can a busy business owner keep up?
    This program helps you determine which social media platforms you should be marketing your business on and provides a simple, in depth understanding of how to market your business successfully on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Snapchat & Pinterest.

Program Modules


Launch into the first unit of this course by gaining a strong understanding of the technical field that is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Workshop 1 Social Media Audit & Refresh

Organic Marketing

Craft your social identity - your brand story, visual identity, and tone - by creating high impact posts promoted organically.

Paid Social Media

Learn how to design a strong multi-platform marketing campaign with a specific purpose and the ability to measure results and adjust quickly.

Workshop 2 Setting up Social Ads

Social Media planning & KPI's

Plan a full social media campaign including what goals you want to accomplish to choosing the strategy and finally how to measure your results and ROI.

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