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Social Media Marketing Regina

Engage Your Customers and Strengthen Your Brand in an Online Social Environment

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing has become a hot topic in marketing and a misconception for a lot of businesses. It is a marketing channel that provides an opportunity for a business to share its offerings and knowledge with the rest of the world. Social Media Marketing's (SMM) primary focus is to build a connection to a relevant audience in order to leverage that audience to increase sales and margins.
By building a social media presence, a business can create a dedicated channel of loyal followers that they can market their products and services to. By building a positive social following a company can increase its brand awareness and the value of the product or services they may be interested in.
How is it Relevant to My Business?
The degree to which social media is relevant to your business varies based on the type of business, the industry in which they compete, and their target market. Social media has an impact on nearly every business that operates today. Typically, we find at least one business in every industry that has tapped into the ability to utilize social media for both lead generation and to expand their brand awareness and positioning.
In summary, social media is relevant to your business based on the fact that:
• It is a powerful branding tool• It is a way to connect to key influencers and figures in your market and your industry• It serves as a lead generation• Social media usage continues to grow • And it is a great way to get quality content out there to increase consumer confidence
Let’s be clear on one item – being seen as an authority in your industry has its perks.
Additionally, there is an SEO benefit when investing in social media. It is common knowledge that search engines like Google value social media engagement when considering which pages to include in their results.
What We Do
Account CreationWe build social media accounts in channels that take advantage of your unique branding and marketing message. We gain an understanding of best practices in your industry as a starting point building your brands' voice with your audience.
Content CreationThe biggest challenge that SME’s face is the ability to generate quality content. Our role is to build quality posts with company-specific content. That’s why we provide photography, design and video services. We can work with internal teams or connect with experts that understand the space to develop meaningful and engaging content.
Channel ManagementWe are experts across all channels and constantly test new emerging channels to understand their fit within the markets we serve. We gain the expertise our clients need to ensure that the money that they invest in marketing is well spent.

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