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1 (306) 551 3463

Web Design Regina

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A website is the hub of your digital marketing strategy.

- Wayne UnRuh

Our Website Building Process

Strategy and User Experience
We begin with an in-person brainstorming session to review your target market, industry, budget plan and short-term & long-term goals. We conduct research on your competitors, your company and gather data regarding the market while collaborating with your organization to evaluate the most readily available opportunities. After all, while focusing on long-term goals, SME’s live, play and eat in the short-term.
We design and develop digital online experiences that engage users across the various platforms from the web, mobile and social platforms and from Google, Bing and Yahoo. These may consist of site relaunch, e-commerce internet sites, content management systems as well as mobile applications. Each client’s website is designed, thoroughly tested on all platforms prior to launch.
Tracking your online activity is critical to determine that your website is built with purpose and achieving that purpose. We ensure that you are set up to track your website's performance with analytics and contact data that ensures that you are hitting KPI’s that are important to you. We test, measure and test different options that increase conversion rates and evolve your digital efforts. We tailor our SEO solutions to your business. Our technical and design team is available to support and maintain your website's presence.
We are specialists that love designing as well as developing practical and purposeful websites.