1 (306) 551 3463

1 (306) 551 3463

We Are Concrete Levelling Marketing Experts

We know concrete lifting, raising & levelling like the back of our hands.

We help concrete levelling businesses reach the right customers and obtain leads to grow their business.

We've worked with several polyurethane and conventional mudjacking businesses locally and provincially to help grow their businesses and find the right customer base. Using both traditional, and digital strategies within your marketing budget we can guarantee a growth in financial gains and customer aquisitions.
We can help you with branding, social media posting/management, website design, print, strategies, & more for newcomers in the field and experts alike. Let us take care of the inconveniences of bringing in new customers so you can focus on your trade, and making money.


What Our Clients Say

Bud Anderson - ECO Concrete Levelling

These guys are the best

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Social Media Library

Stay on brand, easy.

Posting often on social platforms might seem like a daunting task. Luckily, you have access to our constantly expanding library of photo's, videos, and posts to take the edge off.
Don't want to make it yourself?
We can do the posting for you and make sure it gets to the right customer base.

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Social Media Management

Digital marketing, simplified.

Figuring out the right social media strategy for posting about concrete lifting & levelling is no easy task. Facebook Ads are a huge step in the right direction of your business but trying to navigate Business Ads Manager can be a nightmare if you're not already fluent in it.
We can help you build your following, create impactful ads, and gather high quality leads on all major platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok with our talented Social Media Team.

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Website Design & SEO

Functional websites and people to see them.

What good is the perfect website without quality traffic? Making a website that's both informational and easy to navigate is what we do best, getting the right people to see it is our expertise.
We can build you a fast, stunning and lead-heavy website for your concrete levelling business that will serve as a customer aquisition powerhouse!

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Search Engine Marketing

Finding you in an emergency.

In case of an emergency job, most people jump straight to google and click the top result to fill out a form. Whether it's a caved-in driveway or crooked step, its important that you're the first name that comes to mind when people are searching.
We can get you to the top of search queries across multiple major search engines so potential leads know who to call in their area. Using extensive research we know which keywords to hit and how to bring in quality customers.

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Direct Mail Advertising

The tried and true method.

Traditional media is still relevant in today's digital booming age. With a sleek design and strategic planning, you can expect calls for concrete raising projects during the busy season. From creation to exceptionally branded designs, we've got you covered.
We can create stunning door hangers, postcards or mail inserts that grab the attention of home owners and the neighbourhood. The last thing you want is a jumbled mess of a design that will end up in the trash. We're always keen on making our direct mail stand out and deliver.